On Time

On Time

Regardless of the object of study, learning takes time. Some lessons might take only a few minutes, others may take a lifetime. In the latter case, one may decide the object of study is not worth pursuing.

When I was in high school I was fascinated by Einstein’s Theory of Relativity and, in those pre-Internet days, read as much as I could on the subject in the few books available. Although special relativity (which deals exclusively with inertial frames of reference, or those which are non-accelerating) can be studied by anyone with high school mathematics, general relativity (that dealing […]

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Physical Sciences


Physicists often model light as an electromagnetic wave. This is a physics PROGRAM ON LIGHT that I created as part of my Masters of Teaching.

This was my fourth year Engineering Physics thesis: a design for an earthquake victim location transponder. At that time I had plans to travel to and work in Japan, and I thought I might be able to propose the design to a manufacturer there. While I did the first of these, the second didn’t pan out.


This is a

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